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Timo Würsch

UX Architect & Information Architect

Philipp Stucki

Software Engineer

Michael Gerber

Senior Software Engineer

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About coalist

What if you could hire a whole A-Team for your project?

At coalist we do not accept compromises when it comes to quality, excellence and perseverance. All coalist members have proven to be self-sufficient experts on their fields and are ready to bring their expertise into your project.

AdInterim IT manager, CxO

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Technical Agile Coach & Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineer


How we help customers to be successful

Benefit now from our vast pool of experts in planning, conception and development of your next digital product. We are offering consulting services from subject matter experts to strengthen your technology and product management decisions. Our experts can join your product teams to support conception or development in critical phases of your projects, to lay the foundation or help you steer the project into the right direction.

  • IT Architecture
  • Developement
  • UX Process
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Sometimes, it’s just a little help that is needed. In our consulting projects, we help our clients to make the right decisions, present the right facts or dig the right hole to reveal what they were looking for. We offer a broad range of consulting services.

  • UX engineering and design
  • IT System and Architecture design
  • Cloud Architecture
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Members of coalist have gathered over the years a broad experience of different concepts, approaches and architectures in various domains and scales. It always makes us happy when we can apply our knowledge in order to have a good start on top of which is easy to build and extend both in functionalities and team growth.

  • Backend Developement
  • Frontend Developement
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Database Engineering
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Seeing users engaging with our work makes us happy, but equally seeing our clients being able to maintain their solutions and build on top of them in a predictable way brings a purpose to our professional lives. We take our work with the goal to produce high-quality solutions by engaging our experience, work ethic and passion to deliver great results.


about coalist

We bring together the right skills and experience to help you fulfill your goals.

At coalist we strongly believe that having the right people for the job is essential for the success of your project.

Coalist is specialized in providing services to support your business in planning, building, testing and maintaining your digital products. We are strongly committed to helping you build the right product to achieve your business goals.


Technologies we use

Are you looking for the right implementation partner for your next digital product?

Look no further, since we have the right ingredients for you. Our pool of experts will join forces to create the right offering for you and your goals. If you accept our offer, we will be very happy to start our development process and help you bring your ideas to life.

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    Angular Workshop Feature Image

    23. - 25. February 2022 | AngularDevelopmentFront-End | Zentrum Karl der Grosse

    Angular Workshop for Web-Developers

    Are you already a web developer but you have never really got a chance to learn Angular? Do you have a new project coming where Angular will be used and do you want to prepare yourself before working on the project? Or maybe you simply want to beef up your CV so you can apply for this new Job role as an Angular developer? If this applies to you then this three-day Angular workshop is perfect for you! You will learn the very fundamentals of Angular, get some real-world practice and also learn advanced topics about Angular.

    Price: CHF 1200.-


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