How we help
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We enable specialized digital service providers to cooperatively engage in larger client projects.

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How we help customers to be successful

Benefit now from our vast pool of experts in planning, conception and development of your next digital product. We are offering consulting services from subject matter experts to strengthen your technology and product management decisions. Our experts can join your product teams to support conception or development in critical phases of your projects, to lay the foundation or help you steer the project into the right direction.

  • IT Architecture
  • Development
  • UX Process
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Sometimes, it’s just a little help that is needed. In our consulting projects, we help our clients to make the right decisions, present the right facts or dig the right hole to reveal what they were looking for. We offer a broad range of consulting services.

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  • UX engineering and design
  • IT System and Architecture design
  • Cloud Architecture
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Members of coalist have gathered over the years a broad experience of different concepts, approaches and architectures in various domains and scales. It always makes us happy when we can apply our knowledge in order to have a good start on top of which is easy to build and extend both in functionalities and team growth.

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  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Database Engineering
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Seeing users engaging with our work makes us happy, but equally seeing our clients being able to maintain their solutions and build on top of them in a predictable way brings a purpose in our professional lives. We take our work with the goal to produce a high-quality solutions by engaging our experience, work-ethic and passion to deliver great results.

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