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ZHAW IAM Karrieretracking

The IAM Institute for Applied Media Studies at the ZHAW has been carrying out career tracking for quality control since the first year. In this long-term study, students - and later graduates - are questioned at five points in time about their professional development.
  • Conception
  • Consulting
  • Engineering

The Institute of Applied Media Studies of ZHAW does statistical research with its graduates for more than a decade now. Their research includes topics like the average satisfaction within the job area, learned and applied competencies, and much more. They collect data in fixed intervals at the beginning and the end of the graduate program as well as after one, five, and ten years.

In the past, ZHAW did send a yearly report to all the graduates to communicate some of the statistical analysis to them. They have engaged with us in order to create a digital solution for their graduates to create an interactive experience for discovering and exploring statistical data.

We have helped them in the following areas:

  • User Experience Engineering – Creating a user journey to visualize the current engagement of graduates with their statistical services. After researching and engineering a simple Information Architecture we have created a minimal UI design to fit their purpose.
  • Frontend Development – Create a simple design and user interface in the ZHAW look and feel. Create interactive stacked bar charts to present their statistical data to the graduates. We have used the charting library Chartist.js for the visualizations.
    • Simple Webpack TypeScript project without any UI frameworks (Vanilla JS)
    • Using static site generator with Twig template engine which can be used in the Backend CMS directly
  • Backend Development – A dockerized WordPress setup was used to serve as the backbone of the microsite.
    • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) for custom page types
    • Timber for templating using Twig templates and the ACF bridge
    • Direct integration of Front-end stack Twig templates into the backend CMS

With the new career tracking online tool, they allow their students and graduates to digging into the statistics themselves, without the constraints of a predefined report.

Visit the ZHAW career tracking micro site: https://iam-karriere.linguistik.zhaw.ch/

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